Spearheaded by CEO Paul Page, our team is made up of knowledgeable aviation professionals. As a small company, our team is a close-knit group, and our customers are extended family. When you call our offices, you won’t get an automated message, you’ll speak to a staff member who will you give you their personal attention. In fact, it will probably be one of the friendly people listed below!

Paul, CEO

Paul has been engaged in many aspects of the aviation industry for more than 40 years. He began his business by trading his boat for an airplane, then expanded by buying salvage aircraft obtained from all parts of the globe. Selling the many valuable parts from the aircraft to folks in the aviation industry led Paul to his current endeavor with the purchase of Kinzie Industries and specialization in the Schweizer 269/300 series helicopter. Paul’s broad knowledge of the industry combined with a focused understanding of this small, specialized helicopter provides Kinzie with invaluable direction and guidance in pursuing our ultimate goal of providing both new, PMA parts and good, serviceable parts for the owner/operators of the helicopter.

Tammy, President

Tammy, during her 10+ years in the aviation industry, has focused entirely on the Schweizer 269/300 series helicopter developing the Kinzie business after the company moved to Erie, CO. With a Master’s degree in Business and a focus on excellence in customer service, Tammy is likely the person you will talk with when looking for a new or good, serviceable Schweizer part. She brings an in-depth knowledge of the parts, including critical and time-lifed components and a focus on FAA and industry standards to ensure the very best in part safety and customer satisfaction.

Marlene, Bookkeeping/AccountingMarlene

Marlene Gilbert does the accounting and bookkeeping functions for Kinzie Industries, Inc.   She has an accounting degree from Sioux Falls College (now University of Sioux Falls) and she passed the CPA exam in 1995.  Currently, she does bookkeeping for several companies including her husband’s two companies.  In her spare time, she keeps her three kids going in the right directions, or is taking care of a menagerie of pets.  She enjoys making cards with rubber stamps or taking care of little ones at her church.